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CeraConsult is the B2B-Sales representative of the Kangrong Group--Europe region:







Kangrong Fine Ceramics Co.,Ltd
 is a manufacturer of advanc
ed ceramics since 1997.

Produced is at five subsidiaries based
on different locations in China.
Produced are a wide variety of products and components that are applied in the lighting -, electronics-, automotive-and petrochemical industry.  

For the lighting industry we are one of the main producers of lampe-bases, lampholders and the unique and innovative ceramic heatsinks applied in LED lamps.


With all the main companies in the lighting industry, a long term relation is established.
Products are delivered to ea. Philips, Osram, Panasonic  and General Electric.

 Key factors:

About 80% of the total production is exported to Europe, USA and Japan. 
-Most of the products are certificated by UL, CE, VDE, ENEC, 3C and <PS>E .
-Standard products as well as customer specific items are produced.
-With the development of new products we share our know-how with our customers in order to create successful product-designs.
-The production-tools are designed using CAD/CAM technology and are manufactured in own workshops.
-The whole development process is in our own hands and as a result of that, optimum lead-times can be reached.
-The production takes place in a very efficient way in accordance with strict procedures.
-Every production step is monitored closely by means of quality assurance procedures.
-The ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate is received in 2001 and the ISO14001 environment system certificate in 2007.
-We are very proud that because of that all we arew able to produce
high quality products at very competitive prices!

(Click here for the Product Catalogues Download-page.)


A complete assortment of LED lamps is produced based on state of the art LED technlogy. (click here for the catalogue)

Unique selling point of most of our LED lamps is that the lamp-housing/heat-sink is made out of the unique ceramic material of Kangrong Fine Ceramics Co.,Ltd..
Besides that this ceramic material is very strong and durable it is very save in use (ceramic is an electrical insulator).

Also good to know is that this ceramic material is very sustainable material.
Compared to aluminum, applied in most LED lamps as heat-sink/lamp-housing, the energy needed for producing the ceramic heat-sink is much lower.
That results in a 12 times lower carbon dioxide emission per weight unit.

So you can call this technology a really green technology!

Other Key factors:

 - The lamps are produced under controlled conditions. Strict quality assurance procedures are the basis for high quality products.
- A full equipped laboratory is available to perform all the quality tests.
- CE and GS certificated products.
- OEM and ODM services are offered!

Our bestsellers <6W GU10 SPOTS> are tested extensively by the independed organisation OLINO ENERGY B.V.,
specialised in testing lamps.
The test results you can find in the "Lamp portal" on the OLINO WEBSITE where an overview of diverse
lamp types and -brands can be found.
Click on the OLINO logo here below to get direct access to the section " LED GU10 spots".

In this section you can see that the performance of our lamps is of high quality and the efficacy (lumen/watt)
is superior to the lamps of all our competitors !
we are very proud that In the top 5, our lamps are on position  1, 2, 4 and 5.
By clicking on the button "measurement Report" you get access to the 32 pages test report of the lamps of your choice.
The test reports can also be downloaded at the
download page.

Product catalogues:

For an overview of the standard products go the
download page

where you can download the product catalogues and more detailed product information can be found.

For more information or making an appointment for a visit to your company you are welcome to contact CeraConsult.
We not only act as an sales agency but we also have a long term experience in the ceramic industry and based on that we also
can provide technical advice with your product development!

See the
contact us  page for for all the contact details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      





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